"Poulido de Gèmo” is a folk unit of Provence. It was created in Gémenos in February 1982 by a group of young “mainteneurs” all animated by the same ideal: love of their area: Provence.

Since this date, “Poulido” as call familiarly it the public and the sympathizers, developed and diversified its activities which enable him to gather members of all the ages.

Composed today of more than one hundred members, our association works for the defense and the illustration of our traditions through the dance, the music, the song, the language of Provence, the realization and the wearing of costumes, the animation of the festivals of the soil, the gastronomy, the childish folklore…)

We move abroad to illustrate our culture of Provence and to represent it at the time of international festivals.

Our association was fixed for mission the maintenance of the popular traditions of Provence by: · The deepening of our knowledge, (research, training courses, days of studies, conferences, workshops…) · Presentation and the communication of our culture and the opening to those of the other areas or country (Creation of spectacles on scene, festivals, meetings in France and abroad, exchanges various…).